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Action Plan Part II: Develop a Nutrition Plan

In the second installment of the “Take Action” series, we heard from a frequent visitor […]

A Life Well Gamed

What’s in a game? That which we call “Angry Birds” by any other name would […]

Sugar, Sugar II: Raw vs. Processed Foods

In an effort to better understand the confusing (to me, anyway) role of sugar in […]

Goin’ Low Carb

Last Tuesday’s lecture by award-winning science writer Gary Taubes on his book Why We Get […]

And the winner is…

Thanks to everyone who entered the haiku contest. It was a tough decision, but the […]

Blogiversary book review and giveaway

The last year has brought many healthy changes to my life. With the help of […]

Dipping into the Gorder Recipe Stash

Reader and FSFP water aerobics compatriot Susan just posted a comment on my review of […]

Book Review: MegaYoga

After several weeks away from yoga, I returned to class with Holly Wagner, RN,  and […]