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My Plan For Health | Got the Winter Blues? Or SAD? Take this quiz

Got the Winter Blues? Or SAD? Take this quiz


The latest YP4H webinar was exemplary of the reason I started this blog, and why I am grateful to work at a major research university. (Remind me of that on certain days, please.) No matter what my question, there is always somebody here who has the expertise to answer.

South Campus Gateway on a winter morning

Goooood morning South Campus Gatewaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Kenneth Yeager, adjunct associate professor of social work and clinical associate professor of psychiatry, gave a highly detailed presentation on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and included a quiz that will help you figure out whether you have the normal winter blues, or something more serious. I scored a 3, which means I’m experiencing the usual seasonal blahs. A score of 7 or 8 means you should talk to your doctor about SAD.Take the quiz in Yeager’s powerpoint presentation, and check out all the journal references at the end if you want to know more.BONUS: I’m excited to bring you news in the coming weeks regarding changes to YP4H. Watch this space!

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