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My Plan For Health | A New Year, Resolutely

A New Year, Resolutely


It’s officially mid-January, and if you’re like most people, you may have noticed that your New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Can you see your resolutions? There they are, in that ditch at the side of the road, rolling around in their overoptimism or impracticality. Or perhaps they’re just lying there, mortally weakened by your own ambivalence and thus unable to move.

If that’s the case, drag them out of the ditch and give them CPR. It’s the least you can do before giving them a good once-over and, possibly, sending them on their way.

Now is the time to re-evaluate your resolutions, and perhaps re-resolve or un-resolve them. Did you take on too much? Jump in to a new pursuit without the necessary planning? Did you try to do something on your own that you could possibly do better if you had a partner or other kind of support? Is your goal serving you well, or could you change it a bit to make it more tenable?

To me, resolutions are not all-or-nothing propositions —  but rather something I resolve to work toward. Failure is not an option, as long as I make some progress.

The Faculty and Staff Fitness Program will help you set goals -- and a strategy.

There are people on campus who can help you set attainable goals and develop a strategy for reaching them. Rec Sports, for example, wants to help with your resolutions. Membership in the Faculty and Staff Fitness Program (FSFP) comes with comprehensive fitness testing, which FSFP fitness experts use to help you set your goals.

Megan Troyer, manager of the Learning Collaboration Studio in the Office of the CIO’s Digital Union, recently assembled a list of online tools and apps that can help you stick to your resolutions. [Watch this space for more ways to use technology to reach your goals, since I signed up for the YP4H webinar “Is There An App for That? Fitness at Your Fingertips,” which happens on March 14.] And Digital Union Facilities Manager Queenie Chow recommended an article on breaking bad patterns as you look back on 2011 and forward to 2012.

Lifehacker offers tips for resolution success.

I find Lifehacker to be a great source of information for… well, life. Check out this detailed plan for ensuring resolution success, and this extensive list of free online education courses, which include classes on food and nutrition as well as many other topics to exercise your mind.

Finally, in a recent podcast from the Get-It-Done Guy, host Stever Robbins discusses how to keep resolutions alive — and out of that ditch at the side of the road — by living and working on purpose.


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