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(Last updated 5/22/06)



Ohio State University continues to climb in the rankings of the top public research universities in the country, according to newly released federal statistics documenting university research expenditures nationwide.

The university moved into 9th place among public universities in fiscal year 2004, up from 10th place the previous year. The 2004 results, the latest available, are based on total research expenditures.

Among all research universities, public and private, Ohio State was ranked 15th in 2004, the same as 2003.

“The results reaffirm Ohio State 's position as one of the nation's leading public research institutions,” said Robert McGrath, senior vice president for research at Ohio State .

“OSU moved into the top 10 public research universities last year,” McGrath said, “but through the hard work and dedication of our faculty, we continue to improve our ranking and reputation. Our faculty are successfully competing for more research funding even at a time when research budgets at federal agencies are experiencing very modest growth and overall industry investments in research are decreasing.”

Total research expenditures at Ohio State increased 4.4 percent in 2004, up to $518 million.

Moving up in the overall ranking is just one of several indicators of Ohio State 's growing impact in the national research arena, McGrath said.

Ohio State also leaped 15 places in rankings of total federal research expenditures in 2004 – the largest jump of any top-100 university. With a single year increase of $86 million, bringing the total to $284.6 million, Ohio State now ranks 24th in federally-financed research expenditures, up from 39th in 2003.

“These are research dollars that unquestionably would have gone to other institutions in other states if not for the innovation and hard work of our dedicated faculty,” McGrath said, “bringing both prestige and jobs to Ohio .”

Meanwhile, Ohio State continues to rank as one of the national leaders in conducting industry-sponsored research. Overall, the newly released federal statistics show that industry support for academic research in science and engineering fell for the third straight year in fiscal year 2004. However, Ohio State remains ranked 6th among all universities in this category, the same as the previous year.

“These latest statistics are very encouraging and demonstrate that Ohio State has been successful in transforming itself into one of the nation's best public research universities,” McGrath said.

Some of the statistics documenting university research expenditures nationwide can be found at: http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/infbrief/nsf06315/