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(Last updated 10/14/05)

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"OSU Reactor Lab Misrepresented on ABC News 'Primetime Live'," 10/17/05.

Statement by Ohio State University regarding ABC News “Primetime” allegations

The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission today assured Ohio State University that it was not under investigation for supposed security breaches as had been alleged in a story on the website of the ABC News “Primetime” television program. A documentary alleging the same conclusions was scheduled to air Thursday night (10/13).

While the agency is required to examine all allegations brought to its attention, officials assured the university that no such investigation was underway.

An NRC inspection team visited the Ohio State Research Reactor Laboratory last week for a regularly scheduled inspection of the reactor facility. No security problems or deficiencies were raised by the inspectors during that visit, reactor staff said.

The Ohio State University facility houses one of about two dozen such training and research reactors operated by colleges and universities around the country. Part of the mission of these facilities is to provide opportunities for public education on nuclear science and engineering. Most such facilities offer tours to the public. The Ohio State reactor operation meets or exceeds all federal standards for safety and security.


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