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(Last updated 4/7/06)

The news release announcing the closing of the chimpanzee center can be found here.

A "Q & A" document providing additional information regarding this decision is available here.

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"Discovery Channel Special Watches OSU Chimps Learn To Read." 4/11/02.

"One Chimp Can Perceive States Of Awareness In Others," 8/29/97.

Background Documents Regarding Closing of OSU Chimp Research Center

Since Ohio State University announced that it intended to close its long-standing chimpanzee research center and retire the animals housed there, the institution has received some pieces of correspondence objecting to that decision. The overwhelming majority of those messages were part of several grassroots efforts to reverse that decision and return the animals to campus.

Many of those messages were also based on false premises and misstatements. We hope that those interested in this ongoing issue will review the following documents which, taken together, can provide a more accurate, fact-based picture of the animals' transfer.

1) Transcript of a hearing before the Honorable Algenon L. Marbley, U.S. District Judge, Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, sitting at Columbus, OH on February 27, 2006 on a motion by Professor Sally Boysen for a temporary restraining order. Click here. New!

2) Portion of above transcript containing judge's ruling. [Begins line 13.] Click here. New!

3) Legal documents filed by Ohio State University March 27, 2006, responding to legal action sought by Professor Sally Boysen against the institution regarding the retirement of chimpanzees and capuchin monkeys from the recently-closed chimpanzee research center. Consisting of: New!

4) Letter from Robert McGrath, senior vice president for research, to Sally Boysen, professor of psychology, informing her of the planned closing of the chimpanzee center and retirement of the animals housed there. Click here.

5) Memorandum of Understanding governing possible closing of center and retirement of the animals. Click here.

6) Letter from Dr. Thomas M. Butler assessing Primarily Primates, Inc., as a destination for the OSU chimpanzees. Although Butler was acting as an independent consultant for this assessment, he is currently chair of the board of directors of Chimp Haven, the refuge originally considered as a home for these chimpanzees. Click here.

7) Pathology report following necropsy on Kermit, the OSU chimpanzee who unfortunately died at Primarily Primates during the transfer process into new facilities there. Click here.

8) Copy of compliance report filed after USDA inspection of OSU following death of chimpanzee Kermit. Click here.

9) Statement by Wally Swett, President, Primarily Primates, Inc., regarding the transfer of the former OSU chimpanzees to the San Antonio, TX, refuge. Click here.

10) Second statement by Wally Swett, President, Primarily Primates, Inc., regarding the transfer of the former OSU Chimpanzees and accusations placed against the refuge by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Click here.

11) Pathology report following necropsy on Bobby, the OSU chimpanzee who died at Primarily Primates in late April. Click here.

12) "Sanctuary Under Siege" article from website of Great Ape Standing & Personhood outlining issues involving controversy over the move of the Ohio State chimpanzee colony to Primarily Primates, Inc. Click here. New!